Mrs. Hammond and the Confederate Flag on July 4, 1894

Researched by James R. Heintze. All Rights Reserved.

In Chicago on July 4, 1894, Mrs. Isaac B. Hammond, a southerner, announced she was going to fly a Confederate flag from a window of her house. People heard about it and an angry crowd formed in front of her house. They were determined to remove the flag if it was displayed. Police Lieutenant Stift spoke with Mrs. Hammond and advised her not to display the flag. She then told the crowd that the Confederate flag she had ordered from a store had not yet arrived. The crowd left after which Mrs. Hammond promptly displayed a British flag. A boy who witnessed that mistook the British flag for a Confederate flag and tore it down and destroyed it. Not long thereafter a crowd formed once again in front of Mrs. Hammond's house. They "decorated the premises with the national colors." Source: New York Times, 6 July 1894, 1.

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